Release 0.4

I am very happy to participate in the course of the OSD600. It helps me learn more useful knowledge, I am addicted to learning in GitHub, if I have problems, there are many people who can help me, the same, when others encounter problems, participate in the discussion and solve the problem This makes me feel very fulfilling.

In this project, I tried to solve a few problems with JavaScript. It is likely to be used in building user interfaces. It enables easy creation of powerful single page applications. It derives its basic use in creating the view layer for any web application.


This is the PR link:

add input element to test, test passed

use property binding (@Input()) between parent and child component should work, add one text input in parent component and change the message which will pass to child component, every key hit will pass the new message to child component


This is my screenshot


K95E)SCWJW0_〜GX8AD7 {@ AW.png

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