Issues With Angular

Until now, Angular has produced a total of 471,385 questions. Among these issues, I tried to find some projects that I think are interesting and can be solved. In the process of finding, I encountered a lot of difficulties, but fortunately, I found the project and can solve the problems it accompanies.

Issue 1   Missing “execute” Command.



In this project, the questioner asks for “MongoDB setup”, so this will be the first issue I want to start.


After reading the code, I found that this issue occurs because the questioner is missing “exec()” in the code. “exec” means “execute“. To use “mongoose” to communicate with “mongoDB” in a node, each time You execute “mongoDB” you must follow the ‘exec()’ command and press “.then()”. Otherwise, the operation will not be performed.

If you want to know more, please read here:

Issue 2   Wrong Port Settings




In this project, I found that the code could not be tested because the questioner’s port was not configured correctly. If we want to test the code, then we need a correct port configuration.

If you want to know how to properly set the port of Mongodb, please read here:


Issue 3 Front-end Enhancement (Front-end upgrade)



In this project, the questioner proposed the idea of “upgrading the front end”. I found this problem and generated a lot of interest, so I decided to try to fix it.



Next, I tried to upgrade the front-end with the “Reactive Form” method and completed the request of the questioner.

The benefit of using a “Reactive Form” is that it can help improve performance when the form becomes complex (complex). In simple terms, when programs and data are exchanged, more work is required. When we use “Reactive Form” to write code, we can reduce unnecessary exchanges and improve performance.

If you want to know more, please read here:




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