The drop-down menu does not work

This week, I spent a lot of time investing in the “NG-ZORRO” project. In the study of this project, I found some bugs and hope to fix it.

While testing the website, I found the drop-down menu for ‘Select’ component does not function properly when ‘Select’ bar is at the bottom of the screen. I am curious about this issue and am trying to submit my own mistake on GitHub. In fact, this bug has been around for a long time and no one is trying to fix it.


The initial position of ‘dropDownPosition’ is ‘bottom’, so the drop-down menu will pop-up at ‘Bottom’ position. Then, after ‘dropDownPosition‘ value get changed and after ‘onPositionChange‘ event fires, it will determine the final position of drop-down menu.



After removing the initial position, this issue got fixed.

However, after I fixed this bug, I facing a new bug. I tried to fix the new bug, but I haven’t fix it until now. I will continue to pay attention to it and try to fix it.


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